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    Doodle Travel / Trip Planner: Printable Pdf Download

    Plan your next trip with this unique hand-drawn printable. All your need-to-know items on one page, in a cute retro map style. Easy to carry with you while traveling. There is space to note down your destination, travel details, stay details, places to eat at, places to see, things to do, etc. in this sheet. Just print a copy of this whimsical template each time you need to plan a trip.

    Printable in a single color - black, on a basic black & white home printer. Pin it onto your soft-board, or keep it in your bag for easy reference.

    • Details

    - 1 downloadable pdf file, containing a Letter size template for the trip planner. Can also be printed in A4 size by 'fitting to page' in the printer settings.
    - You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or higher to open the file.
    - Upon purchase, your file will be available immediately for instant download.
    - Print on your home printer. Or print at an online photo lab of your choice, eg, Walgreens.com, Shutterfly.com, Kinkos.com or Mpix.com.

    - You will need 1 sheet of A4 or Letter size paper. Print on off-white uncoated paper for best results.
    - In your printer options, set the print quality to ‘High’.
    - Your travel planner are ready to use!

    * By purchasing and downloading these files you agree to the following License Agreement:

    This product/template is for personal use only. You may print unlimited copies for yourself or as a gift (please do not distribute the file itself as a gift). This includes at-home printing and your local or online printer.

    Under this agreement you are not authorized to sell this product/template in digital or print form, use any images or parts of this product/template to create commercial products, distribute the original images or give to someone else to print, or suggest in any way that you created these images yourself. If you use the images for editorial purposes you will need to contact the owner.

    Art color may vary from printer to printer and monitor to monitor, depending on your settings. Laser color printers may yield different color output from inkjet printers.