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    DIY ‘Goodies Carrier’ Trucks from India: Set of 2: Printable Pdf Download

    Here are two little DIY paper trucks or lorries, to fill with goodies!
    Use them as favor boxes or table-top containers for stationery, coins, buttons or any small objects.

    The roads and highways of India, are made more beautiful and vastly more colorful by the trucks that run on them. The name ‘GOODIES CARRIER’ is a pun on ‘GOODS CARRIER’, the title that every truck carries proudly. Every truck is bedecked with hand-painted art and symbols which are common across all trucks and yet each time they are painted, they have a unique character. Familiar motifs that reappear frequently are the eagle on a globe, Horn OK Please, the holy cow, the peacock, placid landscapes, gods and goddesses, advice on family planning, and superstitious symbols. Often the truck-owners’ own philosophical mottos or poetic discourses find place at the sides and back of their trucks. The origin of some of the motifs is obscure, and the truck owners use the motifs as an unquestioned continuation of tradition. The colors are bright and primary, making massive trucks seem like bright toys on dust-colored highways. The unique Truck Art style is a testament to the truck owners’ love for their brightly decorated homes. This beautiful hand-painted popular art form is threatened by the digital revolution, as hand-painting is fast being replaced by mass-produced stickers.

    This little paper toy is our ode to the lovely, but dying, Truck Art style. It is lovingly illustrated using authentic references. The models are easy to assemble with just scissors and glue.

    Ready-to-print on an A4 size printer.

    Also printable in LETTER size, by just 'fitting to page' in your printer settings.

    Final assembled size is approximately
    14 cm (L) x 6.5 cm (W) x 6.5 cm (H) OR
    5 1/2 inches (L) x 2 1/2 inches (W) x 2 1/2 inches (H)

    • Details

    - 4 downloadable hi-res PDF files, two pages for each of the two truck designs.
    - Each page is A4 size (29.7cm by 21cm).
    - You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or higher to open the file.
    - Upon purchase, your file will be available immediately for instant download.
    - Print on your home printer. Or print at an online photo lab of your choice, eg, Walgreens.com, Shutterfly.com, or Mpix.com.

    - You will need 4 sheets of A4 size (29.7cm by 21cm) card stock, preferably 80lb or heavier. Paper stock will also work if card is not available.
    - In your printer options, set the print quality to ‘High’.
    - Once printed, cut the template part along the crop marks. Fold along the dotted lines. Apply glue on the hatched parts and put the models together. Your Goodies Carrier Trucks are ready!

    * By purchasing and downloading these files you agree to the following License Agreement:

    This product/template is for personal use only. You may print unlimited copies for yourself or as a gift (do not distribute the file itself as a gift). This includes at-home printing and your local or online printer.

    Under this agreement you are not authorized to sell this product/template in digital or print form, use any images or parts of this product/template to create commercial products, distribute the original images or give to someone else to print, or suggest in any way that you created these images yourself. If you use the images for editorial purposes you will need to contact the owner.

    Art color may vary from printer to printer and monitor to monitor, depending on your settings. Laser color printers may yield different color output from inkjet printers.