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    About Us
    The story of Sky Goodies, as told by Etsy.com
    Etsy.com, the world's largest marketplace for hand made goods, sent a team to our office in Mumbai, to make a film about our work. Sky Goodies takes pride in being the only Indian shop to be thus featured.
    Sky Goodies is the brand of paper and digital products created, produced and sold by Sky Goodies Products And Applications Pvt Ltd. We are a small team of designers in Bombay. Sky Goodies is our outlet to create (what we hope is) mouth watering eye-candy. Just goodies for you to enjoy! Made with discerning eyes and hands, and a whole lot of love.

    All designs are original creations by the Sky Goodies team, and are the copyright and perpetual intellectual property of Sky Goodies Products And Applications Pvt Ltd.

    Sky Goodies is owned by its directors, Amit Gudibanda and Misha Gurnanee Gudibanda.